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used partsHere at Jaws Used Auto Parts & Repairs, we sell & install new, used & aftermarket parts for Cars & small to heavy duty size trucks, Tractors (all brands).   Also at are Ocala Retail store We’re now selling Parts and Getting Set-up to be able install your parts at reasonable prices. We are professional and look forward to doing business with you.

Now you can find domestiv and foreign auto parts without scraping through salvage yards. Whether you are a full-time mechanic or a person who thinks car just get people from point A to point B, locating auto parts online guarantees great automotive parts while keeping your hands clean.

Please Call (386) 454-1299 for more information & one of our professional associates will be happy to assist you with all your auto part needs.

First time buyers receive $10.00 OFF Your first Purchase of $100 or more
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